HB City Council Appoints Lawyer Rhonda Bolton to Replace Tito Ortiz

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The Huntington Beach City Council volition person a caller look astatine its adjacent gathering Tuesday aft lawyer Rhonda Bolton was appointed to capable the spot vacated erstwhile erstwhile MMA combatant Tito Ortiz resigned astir 2 months ago.

The assembly named Bolton to the presumption astatine a contentious peculiar gathering Monday night, avoiding the request for a costly peculiar predetermination successful November.

Bolton, who served connected the city's Human Relations Task Force, is the archetypal Black pistillate to service connected the council. She volition decorativeness the four-year word of Ortiz, which expires successful 2024.

Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Delgleize changed her ballot to Bolton astatine Monday's meeting, joining Mayor Kim Carr, Councilman Dan Kalmick and Councilwoman Natalie Moser. Two dissenting votes were formed by Councilmen Erik Peterson and Mike Posey.

Many assemblage members astatine Monday's gathering supported Gracey Van Der Mark, who finished 4th successful past November's predetermination with 8% of the vote, and whose authorities are acold much blimpish than Bolton's.

The exertion process was unfastened for conscionable implicit a week, and successful that clip 190 radical said they wanted the job. Vikki Vargas reports for NBC4 News astatine 5 p.m. connected July 9, 2021.

Nearly 200 metropolis residents had applied for the post, and 105 were interviewed by the council.

"We congratulate Council Member Bolton and look guardant to her tenure arsenic our newest elected representative. The metropolis besides wishes to convey the different 189 residents who applied for the vacancy and participated successful an extended exertion process that began successful aboriginal June 2021. We convey them for their passionateness and involvement successful serving our OneHB community," the metropolis said successful a connection connected its website.

Ortiz resigned from the seven-member assembly connected June 1, citing unspecified threats to his children.

"I ran for this presumption with hopes to amended my community, enactment connected my constituents and springiness them a dependable making our beauteous metropolis harmless and cleanable and to guarantee a agleam aboriginal for my children," Ortiz said successful an astir two-minute code astatine the commencement of the archetypal in-person assembly gathering of the year.

"I was nether the conception I was successful a bipartisan presumption and that we each had the communal extremity that our metropolis and our constituents could have. To enactment it frankly, that's not the case.

"From time one, I was sworn successful and was met with hostility and judgment. ... I thought (I) was up to this job. I knew I had implicit 40,000 constituents who were counting connected me. As of caller the attacks against maine person moved to impact my family. I present consciousness their information is successful danger. To enactment it simply, this occupation isn't moving for me."

The erstwhile UFC airy heavyweight champion topped a tract of 15 candidates successful the November predetermination successful the contention for 3 seats.

Ortiz had drawn disapproval implicit his refusal to deterioration a disguise astatine metropolis events and his absorption to vaccinations.

In February, Ortiz filed an unemployment assertion against the metropolis with the California Employment Development Department, though helium continued to gain his stipend and disbursal allowance arsenic a assembly member. The unemployment filing became nationalist successful April.

Ortiz has denied that his unemployment assertion was improper, saying the allegations were politically motivated.

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