Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Crime Charges

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Harvey Weinstein pleaded not blameworthy successful a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday to 4 counts of rape and 7 different intersexual battle counts.

Sheriff’s deputies brought the 69-year-old convicted rapist into tribunal successful a wheelchair. He was wearing a brownish jailhouse jumpsuit and look mask. Attorney Mark Werksman entered the plea for the disgraced movie mogul a time aft Weinstein was extradited to California from New York, wherever helium was serving a 23-year situation term.

He present awaits a 2nd proceedings connected a 2nd coast, and the anticipation of different lengthy sentence.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

Weinstein's charges impact 5 women and span from 2004 to 2013. Most are said to person taken spot successful the hotels successful Beverly Hills and Los Angeles that the New York-based Weinstein would marque his office for Hollywood business. Some took spot during Oscars week, erstwhile his films were perennial contenders earlier the #MeToo question brought him down.

He pleaded not blameworthy to 4 counts of rape, 4 counts of forcible oral copulation, 2 counts of intersexual artillery by restraint and 1 number of intersexual penetration by usage of force, charges that unneurotic could bring a condemnation of 140 years.

The women were not named successful the charging documents.

A New York assemblage recovered Weinstein blameworthy of raping an aspiring histrion successful 2013 successful a Manhattan edifice country and forcibly performing oral enactment connected a TV and movie accumulation adjunct successful 2006 astatine his Manhattan apartment.

He is appealing that conviction, seeking a caller trial. Weinstein maintains his innocence and contends that immoderate intersexual enactment was consensual.

Los Angeles prosecutors archetypal charged Weinstein successful January 2020, conscionable arsenic assemblage enactment was getting underway successful the New York City case.

More charges were added aboriginal successful the year, and successful March, helium was indicted by an LA County expansive jury.

The pandemic and procedural delays meant that Weinstein's extradition took good implicit a year. His attorneys cited his declining wellness arsenic they sought to support him astatine a authorities situation adjacent Buffalo, New York, until assemblage enactment began successful the Los Angeles trial.

Weinstein's clip successful custody successful California volition number toward his New York sentence, officials said.

Once a large powerfulness successful Hollywood on with his member Bob and their movie companies Miramax and The Weinstein Co., Harvey Weinstein would beryllium marked arsenic the archvillain of the #MeToo question starting precocious successful 2017, erstwhile women’s accounts were published successful the New York Times and the New Yorker. He would beryllium arrested successful New York 7 months later.

Rumors astir Weinstein’s behaviour swirled successful movie manufacture circles for decades, but helium silenced galore accusers with payoffs, nondisclosure agreements and the fearfulness that helium could crush their careers.

The Los Angeles charges came from a task unit established to tackle intersexual misconduct successful Hollywood arsenic #MeToo gained momentum.

Weinstein and porn performer Ron Jeremy are among the fewer charged by the team, which declined to prosecute much than 20 celebrated men due to the fact that the allegations against them were excessively aged oregon could not beryllium corroborated.

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