Giants Continue to Hold Off NL West Rival Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are the defending champions, and the San Diego Padres person 1 of the astir dynamic rosters successful baseball.

With that benignant of contention pushing them, the San Francisco Giants person been unyielding.

The Giants haven't had a winning play since 2016, and they were surely overshadowed by Dodgers and Padres entering this one, but it's been wide for a portion that San Francisco needs to beryllium taken seriously. The Giants person won 16 of their past 21 games. Not lone bash they person baseball's champion record, but they're 4 games up of the Dodgers, the next-best squad successful MLB.

How person they done it? The Giants pb the National League successful homers contempt not having a subordinate with 20. Brandon Crawford, their 34-year-old shortstop, is having a vocation twelvemonth with the bat. He has 19 location runs, 1 of 8 players connected the squad with astatine slightest 13.

Kevin Gausman (11-5, 2.29 ERA) has pitched similar a front-line starter this season, and Anthony DeSclafani (11-5, 3.29) has rebounded aft a brutal 2020 with Cincinnati.

If the Giants clasp on, that would perchance enactment the Dodgers and Padres successful a one-game wild-card matchup to commencement the postseason — with some teams facing the imaginable of a speedy elimination. And adjacent that matchup is acold from certain. San Diego dropped 4 successful a enactment against the lowly Marlins and Diamondbacks, and the Padres present pb Cincinnati by conscionable 1.5 games for the 2nd chaotic card. St. Louis is 4 games backmost aft six consecutive wins, and the Philadelphia Phillies are 4.5 games back.

Cincinnati is riding the resurgence of Joey Votto, who has 15 homers since the All-Star break.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

The Dodgers person won the NL West successful 8 consecutive seasons and are seeking a necktie with the New York Yankees for the 2nd astir part titles successful MLB past with 9 this year. Despite being injury-riddled each season, the Dodgers are inactive susceptible of catching the first-place Giants, they'll conscionable request immoderate assistance from different teams. The Dodgers person won 8 of their past 9 games overall, but person yet to summation immoderate crushed connected San Francisco.

Both teams person mislaid conscionable 3 games successful the period of August (so far).

The 2 teams volition look each different conscionable 3 much times successful September.

The Giants person won six pennants and 3 World Series portion successful San Francisco, but they've won much than 100 games lone twice, erstwhile they won 103 successful 1962 and 1993. The '93 squad really finished 2nd to Atlanta successful the NL West successful the last pre-wild paper season. They are connected gait to triumph much than 100 games this season.

The Dodgers person 12 pennants and six World Series titles portion successful Los Angeles (1958 to present). They person won much than 100 games 4 times since 1958, (1962 -102, 1974 -102, 2017 -104, and a franchise grounds 106 wins successful 2019). They are besides connected gait to triumph implicit 100 games this season.

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