Get to Know Olympic Skateboarder Nyjah Huston and Why LA Is His Favorite Place to Skate

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California autochthonal Nyjah Huston is considered 1 of the top thoroughfare skaters ever. So overmuch truthful that his sanction and the athletics are synonymous.

Huston made a sanction for himself by being truthful bully truthful young. The lad with the signature dreadlocks got his archetypal sponsorship astatine conscionable 7-years-old. He started competing professionally astatine 10, and helium was conscionable 11 erstwhile helium skated his archetypal X Games. He adjacent appeared successful Tony Hawk's Project 8 skateboarding video game. 

"I was similar benignant of confused however I was successful the crippled astatine specified a young property due to the fact that astir the aforesaid clip I was skating my archetypal X Games and pro contests and worldly and everyone other retired determination was doubly arsenic aged arsenic maine and doubly my size," helium said. 

Now astatine 26, Huston volition pb Team USA arsenic skateboarding makes its Olympic debut astatine the Tokyo Olympics

"I emotion skateboarding due to the fact that it's the funnest happening connected earth. And that goes for, not lone if you're 1 of america astir to skate the Olympics oregon conscionable a kid retired determination skating your skate park, conscionable having fun. It's the freedom, the love. It brings america each unneurotic and the nonstop situation and the progression," helium told NBC Los Angeles.

While his occurrence has taken him each implicit the world, the Laguna Beach nonmigratory is definite of his favourite spot to skate: Los Angeles.

"LA is the champion metropolis to skateboard in," Huston said. "It fits my benignant of skating well. I similar skating a batch of large stairs and handrails and worldly and there's conscionable truthful overmuch of that astir here."

Now, he's acceptable to bring his emotion of SoCal skateboarding to Tokyo. The question is whether skateboarding successful the Olympics means the athletics is "selling out." 

"I consciousness similar a batch of radical did fearfulness that, astir it taking distant from that archetypal halfway broadside of skateboarding, but I was ne'er truly excessively disquieted astir that." 

If anything, Huston says it'll animate adjacent much kids to prime up a board.

"Being successful the Olympics isn't the accidental for 1 of america to spell retired determination and triumph the happening … It's increasing skateboarding, creating much accidental for kids to beryllium capable to fulfill their dreams of being a pro-skater." 

Huston has go the look -- and tattooed embodiment -- of thoroughfare skating. He is favored to triumph golden successful Tokyo, but astatine the extremity of the day, he's conscionable doing what helium loves to do. 

"I'll person radical expect maine to triumph ...  and I'm like, dude, I tin committedness you I'm gonna bash my implicit best, but I can't archer you that I'm gonna spell retired determination and win. But I'm successful a bully spot close now, I'm feeling healthy, truthful I'm hyped."

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