Gartner: Bring shadow IT into the light and get really good at building partnerships

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Analysts listed flexible work, partnerships and state from aged ways of reasoning arsenic apical priorities for CIOs successful the opening keynote astatine Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo.


At the 2021 IT Symposium/Xpo, Gartner analysts explained the challenges CIOs look and the caller strategies required to conscionable them, including changing ideas astir the wherever of enactment and the value of partnerships.

Image: Gartner

The sky's the bounds for CIOs arsenic agelong arsenic tech leaders are consenting to fto spell of the "way we've ever done it,"  according to Gartner analysts. Three elder researchers successful Munich, Toronto and Atlanta opened the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Monday. The lawsuit is each virtual this twelvemonth and runs done Thursday.

"Where Next: Technology Leadership successful a World Disrupted" opened the lawsuit with presentations from Mbula Schoen, elder probe manager connected the CIO Leadership, Culture and People probe team, Hung LeHong, distinguished probe vice president and Daryl Plummer, distinguished expert and Gartner fellow.

The trio described this infinitesimal successful the tech manufacture arsenic an accidental that creates some anxiousness and excitement astatine the aforesaid time. Schoen said that the satellite is obsessed with the thought of where: wherever volition radical work, learn, devour and play? CIOs volition person to get originative successful each areas of concern to conscionable this challenge. 

LeHong explained the 3 types of partnerships that CIOs request to physique and Plummer explained however CIOs should question retired exertion that has built-in enactment for minimizing bias, systematically confronting existent harms and identifying ways to trim them. 


Mbula Schoen, elder probe manager astatine Gartner, explained a caller workforce strategy that includes a human-centric attack and collaborative teams specified arsenic Model Ops and Machine Learning Ops.

Image: Gartner

Fighting the Great Resignation

To explicate however leaders request to displacement their reasoning astir the wherever and erstwhile of work, Schoen utilized the ongoing instrumentality to the bureau debate. She said Gartner probe showed that 14% of unit members privation to beryllium backmost successful the bureau afloat clip and 19% privation to beryllium distant full-time. Both groups are successful the minority, compared to the larger radical that wants "radical flexibility astatine scale," she said, and the quality to enactment astatine the champion spot astatine immoderate fixed time.

"Moving from connected tract to distant is not the extremity of the conversation, it's a starting spot for however we tin pb going forward," she said. 

Gartner recommends taking this attack to rethinking the where, erstwhile and however of work:

  1. Build a human-centric workforce that takes into information much than the 9-5
  2. Embrace concern technologists antecedently known arsenic shadiness IT
  3. Build an interior endowment marketplace to payment managers and workers

Schoen said that Gartner probe has recovered that companies utilizing this attack spot these benefits:

  • Reduce idiosyncratic fatigue by 44% 
  • Increase the intent to enactment up by 45%
  • Increase show up by 28%

Companies that clasp concern technologists — defined by Gartner arsenic radical extracurricular the IT section starring exertion projects — volition spot faster transportation of services and products. Gartner probe suggests that businesses that enactment these teams are 2.6 times much apt to accelerate concern outcomes. Model Ops and Machine Learning Ops teams are 2 examples of this approach.

Schoen besides said that 40% of firm boards person moved funds to departments to enactment these concern technologists, further accelerating this trend.


Hung LeHong, distinguished probe vice president astatine Gartner, described a tech concern led by Land O Lakes to make a integer level for managing dairy operations astatine the 2021 IT Symposium/Xpo.

Image: Gartner

The value of exertion partnerships

LeHong explained however the pandemic has prepared the tech manufacture and nine for alteration astatine a large scale. 

"At nary different clip successful past person we had this overmuch accidental to prosecute technology-enabled change," helium said. "Tactical reasoning is stopping america from doing this."

LeHong utilized the illustration of infirmary waiting rooms and managing crops arsenic 2 examples of however partnerships tin alteration the accepted attack to business.

Drones and AI person allowed farmers to bounds the usage of pesticides conscionable arsenic AI and telemedicine person allowed hospitals to revamp the waiting room. 

LeHong said partnerships are the cardinal to processing and deploying some of these solutions. He listed these 3 types of partnerships that CIOs request to use:

  1. 1:1 - Companies usage these "generative partnerships" with a vendor to collaboratively physique caller solutions that don't already exist. 
  2. 1: Many - This attack focuses galore players connected a azygous problem, specified arsenic improving metropolis services.
  3. Many: Many - This attack takes an ecosystem attack and builds a large squad that includes consultants, taxable substance experts and technologists to physique a level solution.

He utilized the illustration of however Land O Lakes uses this galore to galore attack to physique a integer level to amended provender operations for dairy farmers.

"The CTO estimated that it would person outgo $2 cardinal to physique each the solutions built by these developers," helium said. "Instead Land O Lakes spent little than $45 cardinal to physique the platform."

He besides mentioned Datev, a German IT institution that specialized successful accounting services.  

"The CTO grew the institution from 40 to 200 partners and from 700 clients to 45,000 successful 3 years," helium said. 


Gartner expert Daryl Plummer explains however a operation of instrumentality learning and synthetic information volition trim the request for the monolithic postulation of idiosyncratic information from consumers by businesses.

Letting spell of past concern practices

Plummer closed retired the league with an mentation of the barriers that clasp businesses backmost from embracing a caller mode of moving and the thought of expanded partnerships. Where adjacent cannot beryllium conscionable successful presumption of a determination oregon direction. "It's clip for CIOs to question retired world-class problems and they are gaining some the nervus and the resources to marque bold, satellite people moves," helium said.

He utilized the communicative of U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves to exemplify the situation of letting spell of outdated ideas. Reeves was calved a enslaved but became a detective and the astir prolific lawman ever, arresting 3,000 criminals. Reeves was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger, a quality that has ever been a achromatic antheral successful movies and books. 

Plummer said companies request to find state from these 3 accepted concern ideas:

  1. Historical insights
  2. Legacy practices
  3. Bias

For example, artificial intelligence, synthetic information and federated learning could region the request to cod reams of information from consumers, Plummer said. This could support privateness and inactive let businesses to make caller products and services. 

He utilized the illustration of Levi's usage of AI and ML to make caller services specified arsenic a virtual closet and to optimize shipping models.

"Levis changed bequest concern practices to upwind the pandemic," helium said. 

Plummer described this constituent successful the improvement of AI arsenic a "reach beyond moment" that whitethorn necessitate tech leaders to usage machines to nonstop the ethical compass. He utilized the illustration of biased lending practices keeping millions of dollars retired of the economy. 

"AI tin lend to the occupation and you'll person to usage AI to lick it," helium said. "Built-in bias requires a built-in response."

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