Garden Grove Unveils Program Showcasing Its Food Culture

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Garden Grove connected Monday unveiled a programme showcasing its nutrient civilization successful an effort to enactment tiny businesses and support section jobs.

The website for Foods of Garden Grove,, includes pictures of nutrient and beverages from the city's restaurants and an integrated "foodie map."

The programme besides includes an Instagram relationship with food imagery and videos.

"From the taste richness of Little Saigon, OC Koreatown, and east-end inspired Latin flavors, to the comfortableness of section favorites successful the downtown area, Garden Grove is simply a melting cookware of food," Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones said successful a video introducing the caller program.

The coronavirus pandemic was the catalyst to creating Foods of Garden Grove, according to Lisa Kim, adjunct metropolis manager and assemblage and economical improvement director.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants were taking 1 of the hardest fiscal hits which is wherefore the metropolis worked astir the timepiece assisting tiny businesses done a multitude of concern alleviation programs and resources," Kim said. "Foods of Garden Grove showcases the result of those efforts."


Local quality from crossed Southern California

Several businesses included successful the Foods of Garden Grove received assistance oregon participated successful the city's Micro Business Relief Program, Jobs 1st Program, Jobs 1st To-Go Program and Accessible Businesses Program, Kim said.

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