Foster Farms Workers in Compton Authorize Strike

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Nearly 250 employees astatine Foster Farms' poultry works successful Compton are preparing for a imaginable onslaught aft rejecting the company's latest declaration proposal, national officials said Tuesday.

The workers, represented by Teamsters Local 630, voted overwhelmingly against the connection connected Sunday. According to the union, the workers' declaration with 1 of the largest poultry producers connected the West Coast expired June 14, 2020, and they are moving nether an hold statement that tin beryllium terminated with 7 days announcement by either party.

The sides person met 18 times since then, mostly via Zoom but successful idiosyncratic for the 3 astir caller sessions.

Oscar Ruiz, the national typical for the Compton facility, told City News Service that negotiations are continuing, and the national volition re-evaluate whether to spell connected onslaught based connected what happens implicit the adjacent mates of days.

Ruiz said the main contented is aesculapian costs. The national says production, sanitation, warehouse and attraction workers — astir 70% of whom are Latina and Black women — voted "nearly unanimously against a declaration connection that would displacement thousands of dollars of wellness attraction costs onto them."

Attempts to scope Foster Farms for remark were not instantly successful.

"Foster Farms makes billions each year; it is the hard enactment of our members that makes the Foster household precise wealthy," said Lou Villalvazo, secretary-treasurer of Local 630. "It is outrageous however the Foster household is treating its frontline employees. Many of them are women of colour with families and young children who person loyally worked determination for 20 oregon 30 years."

"It's besides unconscionable that Foster Farms is trying to unit workers to judge a wellness attraction program that could easy bankrupt their families," Villalvazo said. "These are our neighbors and assemblage members who came to enactment passim the pandemic to support Californians fed."

Leticia Rosales, a 30-year worker astatine the Compton facility, said workers person "put ourselves and our loved ones astatine hazard passim the pandemic to assistance Foster Farms. At slightest ninety of my co-workers person contracted COVID-19 and present Foster Farms is telling america we request to judge a wellness attraction program that would marque our take-home wage adjacent little than what it is now. We can't spend this."

Foster Farms is headquartered successful Livingston, California, but has facilities passim the West Coast and immoderate connected the East Coast. Its Compton works is located astatine 1805 N. Santa Fe Ave.

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