Families of Olympic Athletes Worry, Cheer From Afar During Tokyo Olympics

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Janie Reed, Olympian connected the United States softball squad during the Tokyo Olympics, grew up successful Placentia and attended El Dorado High School.

Now, Southern California is wherever her hubby and household volition ticker Reed's hard enactment wage off, cheering her connected from a region arsenic the coronavirus pandemic rages connected successful the inheritance of the Tokyo Games.

Relatives of section athletes similar Reed, from astir SoCal, person their fingers crossed that their loved ones volition enactment harmless and steadfast portion they get their accidental astatine a golden medal.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

"It's hard erstwhile you bring successful this galore radical from astir the world, to marque it wholly safe," said Jake Reed, Dodgers pitcher and hubby to Janie Reed. "I deliberation they’re doing everything they can. 

As helium prepared to ticker his woman from 5,000 miles distant connected Tuesday nighttime with the Dodgers Organization, helium said helium was relieved determination were nary fans successful the stadium.

Jake Reed had COVID-19 successful December, spending the holidays successful isolation with what helium called mild symptoms. His woman ne'er got sick, and is afloat vaccinated.

"Even if worst happened, and she got it, it would beryllium much upsetting that they weren’t capable to compete," said Jake Reed, "More truthful than being frightened oregon anything."

Trevor Crabb, member to Olympic men's volleyball subordinate and Redondo Beach autochthonal Taylor Crabb, is successful the aforesaid boat.

"It's truly unspeakable erstwhile idiosyncratic tin enactment for a batch of years to suffice for 1 event, and not beryllium capable to play," Trevor Crabb said. "Even if they get a mendacious positive, oregon adjacent if they really get sick and past get better, but inactive can’t play."

He's besides disquieted astir the wellness protocols successful Tokyo, and questioned the effectiveness of the investigating strategy successful place.

If determination are injuries oregon illness, the men's volleyball squad tin bring successful a substitute, but it has to hap by Thursday, earlier the archetypal formation volleyball crippled for the US men's squad connected Saturday. What happens adjacent is uncertain.

Even so, "I'm stoked for him to beryllium there," said Trevor Crabb. "Parents too, couldn't beryllium much arrogant of a brother."

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