Do Olympic Skateboarders Have To Wear Helmets?

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Skateboarding made its Olympic debut Saturday nighttime with the men's thoroughfare event. The enactment volition proceed connected Sunday nighttime with the women's thoroughfare competition.

The newest Olympic athletics is afloat of spills and thrills, with immoderate falls drafting adjacent much grimaces than others. Skateboarding's debut astatine the Olympics drew galore eyes, but immoderate wondered astir protective equipment, oregon deficiency thereof.

please enactment helmets connected the athletics skateboarders it’s making maine anxious

— amy b (@arb) July 25, 2021

At the hazard of sounding truly old, however are these Olympic skateboarders not required to deterioration helmets?

— Eric Dayton (@ericdayton) July 25, 2021

Skateboarding was amusive but I warrant that parents astir the satellite were cringing implicit the deficiency of helmets.

— Ann Killion (@annkillion) July 25, 2021

Parents of the world, skateboarding understands.

Who's required to deterioration helmets and who's not?

Tokyo Olympics

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Helmets are required for athletes nether the property of 18 successful thoroughfare competition. If athletes nether the property of 18 take not to deterioration a helmet, they volition beryllium disqualified.

For example, Japan's Yukito Aoki is 17 years aged and competed Saturday wearing a helmet.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Yukito Aoki practices up of thoroughfare contention astatine the Tokyo Olympics

In Sunday's women's thoroughfare competition, six of the 20 athletes competing are nether 18, which means determination volition beryllium plentifulness much helmets connected the course.

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