Dictionary.com Adds 300+ New Words, Including ‘Zaddy' and ‘Ghost Kitchen'

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The satellite has changed a batch implicit the past twelvemonth — and, naturally, truthful did our vocabulary.

Dictionary.com added much than 300 caller words and definitions to its latest update to see caller terminology and slang.

"It's a analyzable and challenging nine we unrecorded in, and connection changes to assistance america grapple with it," said John Kelly, the managing exertion of Dictionary.com, successful a press release.

The coronavirus pandemic (2020's connection of the year) whitethorn dilatory beryllium shifting distant from its presumption astatine the beforehand and halfway of astir conversations, but its impacts are lasting.

"Long haul," "long hauler" and "long Covid" were each recently defined this summer.

And past summer's protests pursuing the execution of George Floyd spurred respective diverseness initiatives crossed industries, inspiring caller acronyms.

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The words DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) arsenic good as JEDI (justice, diversity, equity and inclusion) were added.

"Some large products rebranded pursuing disapproval and reappraisal of the racist stereotypes their archetypal names evoked," Kelly said. "Two specified changes are present reflected successful our dictionary: Edy’s Pie (formerly Eskimo Pie) and Aunt Jemima (now called Pearl Milling Company)."

A favoritism was besides made betwixt "marginalize," a antecedently defined word, and "minoritize," a caller word.

"This crucial, if subtle, innovation successful terminology encourages radical to see rank successful number groups not arsenic thing intrinsic oregon unchangeable, but arsenic socially constructed — arsenic a world created and maintained by 1 radical and experienced by another," helium explained.

Definitions for "Black Codes" and "Jim Crow" were updated to bespeak the past year, arsenic was "one-drop rule" — a societal classification, codified successful instrumentality successful immoderate states during the 20th century, that identifies biracial oregon multiracial individuals arsenic Black if they person immoderate known Black African ancestry, adjacent from a Black ancestor galore generations removed.

"Dictionary.com besides broadened its explanation of 'cultural appropriation' to relationship for the mainstream adoption of taste elements from immoderate smaller group, including from number groups arsenic good arsenic subcultures wrong ascendant groups."

As radical and taste groups were targets of unit this year, the explanation of "terrorism" was besides expanded to see "intimidation oregon coercion by instilling fear."

"These are hard topics — and for many, traumatizing. More and more, assorted forms of media alert users to upsetting oregon violative contented with a 'content warning,' or CW for short. Both of these terms, on with a caller introduction for the abbreviation TW for the related 'trigger warning,' are present connected Dictionary.com."

As a ample portion of the satellite transitioned to moving remotely, tech vocabulary expanded to encompass the changes.

"Synchronous" and "asynchronous" were added, to correspond caller methods of learning for students crossed the world.

Schools got originative and truthful did entrepreneurs. "Ghost kitchen" (a commercialized installation that prepares and cooks restaurant-style nutrient for transportation straight to customers oregon to 1 oregon much dine-in restaurants), "side hustle" (a occupation oregon concern that brings successful other wealth beyond one's regular occupation and main root of income) and "scrappy" (having oregon showing tone and determination, particularly successful spite of obstacles) each earned caller entries.

The societal media improvement of "deplatforming" is present defined arsenic prohibiting (a idiosyncratic oregon people) from sharing their views successful a nationalist forum, particularly by banning a idiosyncratic from posting connected a societal media website oregon application.

And what's a dictionary update without immoderate slang entries?

"Oof," "yeet," "sh-tshow" (People's Choice 2020 Word of the Year), "a**hat" and "zaddy" (not to beryllium confused with "silver fox") were each added to the list. "Y'all" adjacent earned its precise ain explanation — alternatively of conscionable being a variant of you all, marking the words "distinct prominence successful the lexicon" and "spread from confederate dialects of American English into the mainstream vernacular."

"Perhaps these lighter slang and popular civilization newcomers to our dictionary bespeak different important facet of our clip — a cautious optimism and a brighter temper astir the aboriginal up aft a trying 2020," said Kelly.


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