Clarko continues to make mockery of Hawks call

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Alastair Clarkson has continued to marque a mockery of Hawthorn's determination to extremity his tenure astatine the club, putting unneurotic different coaching masterclass, this clip against the Western Bulldogs.

Up against the squad placed 2nd connected the ladder, Clarkson's Hawks strangled the usually free-scoring Dogs, running retired 9. 10. (64) to 5. 7. (37) winners astatine UTAS Stadium successful the mastercoach's last lucifer successful complaint of the Hawks successful the Apple Isle.

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After being held goalless successful the opening quarter, Clarkson's young Hawks broadside led astatine each alteration thereafter, handing the Bulldogs their 2nd consecutive defeat.

Hawthorn's stunning crook of signifier successful the past period led St Kilda greats Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna to erstwhile again question the merits of the nine moving Clarkson connected successful favour of Sam Mitchell.

Clarkson was each smiles aft signaling his 2nd upset triumph implicit a premiership fancy successful the past period (Getty)

"A idiosyncratic similar Alastair Clarkson ever wants to get the champion retired of his group, careless of the situation," Riewoldt said connected Fox Footy's coverage.

"He's coaching arsenic good arsenic ever, I mean, however galore times person we said that implicit the past month? It does marque the Hawthorn committee look much and much peculiar arsenic the weeks spell by.

"You wouldn't person thought Alastair Clarkson would person to audition for different role, if that's so what ends up happening, but immoderate of the speech astir possibly the champion of Clarko's coaching was down him, you lone person to look astatine the past month.

"If you're a nine that's buying into immoderate of that narrative, past look astatine their results since Round 18. He's close astatine the apical of his game."

Hawthorn's determination to determination Clarkson connected successful favour of Sam Mitchell (R) continues to look alien by the week (Getty)

Montagna suggested the four-time premiership victor had cosmopolitan buy-in successful his last period astatine the club.

"He's got the players invested, they're defending truly strongly, they person been since the bye, their shot question has truly picked up successful the past 4 to six weeks, their effort is there," helium told Fox Footy.

"Their young players are showing maturation and their elder players are inactive playing truly beardown football.

"You reckon he's inactive got plentifulness of years coaching near successful him the mode he's coaching astatine the moment.

"Jacob Koschitzke talking astir the passionateness and the competitiveness that he's inactive got, he's inactive intelligibly got the thrust and the determination, truthful helium isn't going anyplace you wouldn't think."

Koschitzke admitted that the Hawks' playing radical and been energised by Clarkson and seasoned Shaun Burgoyne (Getty)

Koschitzke, who kicked 2 goals successful the win, admitted that Clarkson and seasoned Shaun Burgoyne had fixed the playing radical added information to decorativeness the play strong.

"Yeah, decidedly [doing it for Clarkson]," helium told Fox Footy. "Him and Shauny [Burgoyne] person fixed america added information to truly onslaught this backmost fractional of the year."

"Obviously 2 greats of our club, truthful wherefore not perfectly springiness it our each for the past mates of weeks?

"Nothing's truly been antithetic [from Clarkson since the announcement]. Clarko is Clarko, he's ever passionate, he's ever animated, he's highly competitory and that's truly spurred america connected done the past fewer weeks.

"We emotion him and we play to triumph for him, truthful it's conscionable large to spot him get a affirmative send-off."

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