Caulfield Cup winner's run leaves jockey stunned

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Caulfield Cup-winning jockey Brett Prebble has sent an ominous connection Incentivise's rivals up of the Melbourne Cup aft a commanding triumph successful the $5 cardinal race.

After being dealt what Prebble called an "awkward" barrier, Incentivise stormed location successful the last 800 metres of the race, winning by 4 assemblage lengths up of the second-placed Nonconformist. The apical 4 was rounded disconnected by Persan and Montefilia.

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Following the win, Prebble credited the equine for not expending excessively overmuch vigor successful the aboriginal stages of the race, saying it was a bully motion for the Melbourne Cup.

"There was a just spot of upwind retired there, truthful I thought I'm decidedly going to get screen and for the archetypal 1200m I conscionable wanted to bask this contention and get into it due to the fact that helium doesn't over-race and doesn't discarded his vigor similar immoderate of the others do," helium told Seven.

Incentivise Caulfield Cup 2021 (Getty)

"Got to the 1000 [metre mark] astatine the apical of the elevation and I thought, 'Game on', but I was a small spot surprised, helium came disconnected the close a small spot sooner than I would've liked.

"All that's telling maine is, look retired Melbourne Cup. He's going to devour the 3200. He's exciting, he's astir apt 1 of the astir breathtaking horses I've ridden."

The triumph marked a tremendous instrumentality for Incentivise's trainer Peter Moody who had taken immoderate clip distant from the sport, a interruption he'd promised ne'er to instrumentality from.

"It's unbelievable," helium told Seven aft the win. "Caulfield was my location for astir apt 16-17 years and I've trained with a mates of 1000 of winners here, but ne'er this one."

The trainer of Incentivise, Peter Moody, celebrates with the 2021 Caulfield Cup (Getty)

"We weren't going to unreserved it. Brett took his clip and helium recovered a beauteous spot determination connected the side.

"He said helium wanted to beryllium six oregon 7 disconnected and physique into the race. He said, 'I don't attraction however the archetypal 1200m goes, I conscionable privation to beryllium allowed to physique into it from the halfway mark'.

"He gives you a small heart-flutter, helium hits that spot of a level spot coming down the side, but helium conscionable kept gathering and it was a ace effort."

FINAL CAULFIELD CUP RESULTS: 1st - Incentivise, 2nd - Nonconformist, 3rd - Persan, 4th - Montefilia

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