Badminton and Other Olympic Sports the USA Has Never Won a Medal

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The United States is by acold the winningest state successful the past of the Olympic Games, taking location 1,022 golden medals since 1896. While the federation has dominated successful the pool, connected the way and passim the Olympics arsenic a whole, determination are a fistful of sports wherever nary American has ever stepped connected the podium.

The U.S. volition person chances to gain its archetypal medals successful several caller events debuting successful the Tokyo Olympics, including skateboarding and inaugural swimming races, but determination are besides older sports wherever the state is inactive chasing its archetypal medals. Based connected its Olympic past and Tokyo outlook, it could beryllium a portion earlier the U.S. bucks the trend, too.

Here are the 5 Summer Olympic sports wherever the United States has ne'er taken location hardware:

Tokyo Olympics

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The U.S. has had a pugnacious clip adjacent advancing wrong the 5 badminton tournaments astatine the Olympics. Men’s and women’s singles and doubles person been full-medal events since 1992, portion mixed doubles entered successful 1996. In 7 Olympics with the athletics involved, the U.S. has lone reached the quarterfinals of immoderate tourney 1 time, arsenic the men’s doubles squad of Howard Bach and Bob Malaythong reached the circular of 8 successful the 2008 Beijing Games.

The state has 1 rival successful some the men’s and women’s singles tournaments, arsenic good arsenic a men’s doubles duo, astatine the 2020 Games. Timothy Lam is the 41st-ranked men’s player, portion Beiwen Zhang is the 11th-ranked subordinate entering the women’s singles tournament. Brothers Phillip and Ryan Chew volition besides correspond USA Badminton successful the men’s doubles tournament. Zhang offers the U.S. its champion accidental astatine winning a medal crossed immoderate of these 5 sports.


The U.S. has not adjacent qualified for the men’s and women’s Olympic handball tournaments since 1996, erstwhile it was the big federation for the Atlanta Games.

The men’s squad has participated successful the Olympic tourney six times with its highest decorativeness successful sixth spot backmost successful 1936 -- erstwhile determination were lone six teams successful the competition. The men’s squad has won 4 full games crossed its six Olympic appearances.

The women’s squad has made it to the Olympics 4 times, each coming from 1984 to 1996. Its apical decorativeness was 5th spot and came successful that archetypal appearance.

The U.S. reached a historical milestone by capturing its 1,000th golden medal successful the past of the Olympic Games astatine the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It was the continuation of the United States’ past of planetary domination astatine the Olympics.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics made its Olympic debut arsenic an idiosyncratic lawsuit successful 1984 and added a squad lawsuit successful 1996. Europe has wholly dominated the athletics since the beginning, with China and Canada arsenic the lone 2 countries from different continents to ever assertion a medal crossed 9 Olympics.

The United States’ highest decorativeness successful the lawsuit is 11th place, reached by Valerie Zimring during the boycotted 1984 Games successful Los Angeles and Laura Zeng during the 2016 Games successful Rio. The team’s quality successful the 2016 Games was its archetypal since the radical was fixed a big state spot successful 1996. The squad finished successful 14th spot retired of 14 teams successful Rio.

In Tokyo, Zeng and Evita Griskenas volition vie successful the idiosyncratic event, portion Isabella Connor, Camilla Feeley, Yelyzaveta Merenzon, Lili Mizuno, Elizaveta Pletneva and Nicole Sladkov volition vie for the U.S. successful the radical event.

Why bash Olympians wound their medals? The reply to that and much arsenic we instrumentality a heavy dive into the past of Olympic medals.

Table tennis

The U.S. has not won a medal successful table tennis since it was introduced arsenic an Olympic athletics successful 1988, but determination volition beryllium six American competitors successful Tokyo.

The U.S. array tennis squad features 2 marquee athletes: 21-year-old Kanak Jha successful men’s singles and squad and 24-year-old Lily Zhang successful women’s singles and team. They are ranked 30th and 31st successful the satellite successful their respective singles events. Zhang, a five-time nationalist champion, has amended likelihood of earning a medal successful Tokyo aft finishing 4th successful the 2019 Women’s World Cup, but she is inactive considered a agelong shot. Nikhil Kumar and Xin Zhou articulation Jha for the American men, portion Huijing Wang and Juan Liu implicit the women’s team.

Chen Wang owns the champion American decorativeness successful Olympic array tennis past aft reaching the women’s singles quarterfinals successful Beijing.


Trampoline volition beryllium making its sixth Olympic quality during the Tokyo Games. Nine countries person combined to triumph the 30 medals doled retired since 2000, but the U.S. has not taken location immoderate of them.

Savannah Vinsant had the champion decorativeness of immoderate American, placing seventh successful 2012. The U.S. did not person a men’s oregon women’s finalist (top eight) successful 2016, with Logan Dooley finishing 11th for the men and Nicole Ahsinger finishing 15th for the women.

Ahsinger volition correspond the U.S. successful the lawsuit erstwhile again successful Tokyo, portion Aliaksei Shostak volition vie connected the men’s side.

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