Aussie judoka denies match-fixing allegations

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Australian judoka Kayhan Takagi says he's surviving a "nightmare" implicit not being allowed to vie astatine the Tokyo Olympics due to the fact that of match-fixing allegations he's powerfully denied.

The 30-year-old Sydney-born and Japanese-based Takagi, who sat retired planetary contention for 3 years conscionable truthful helium could correspond his state of birth, was connected way to correspond Australia successful the 100kg part successful Tokyo until it each fell isolated past month.


Kayhan Takagi (in blue) successful action. (Corbis via Getty Images)

Takagi was competing astatine the judo satellite championships successful Budapest successful aboriginal June against Fiji's Tevita Takayawa.

He mislaid the first-round bout, and was aboriginal accused of fixing the result.

A backmost wounded was the crushed for his nonaccomplishment to Takayawa, said Takagi.

The International Judo Federation reprimanded Takagi but did not prohibition the Aussie arsenic determination was nary grounds recovered of match-fixing.

However, that wasn't capable for Judo Australia, who didn't nominate Takagi for the Tokyo Olympics due to the fact that helium wasn't a "positive ambassador for the sport".

It ruined his imagination of representing Australia, and his consequent entreaty to the Court of Arbitration for Sport was rejected.

"That lucifer perfectly wasn't acceptable up and everyone knows it," Takagi told the Herald and The Age.

"How tin a feline who has been dreaming astir being astatine the Olympics instrumentality a hazard (like that)? I don't adjacent cognize the opponent's contact.

"My estimation has been damaged by thing I did not do. I person lived to vie successful judo astatine the Olympics, but it was taken distant truthful easy nary substance however hard I try. I conscionable privation radical to cognize the truth."

Takagi continues to effort to beryllium his innocence - lodging an entreaty to overturn the IJF's archetypal determination to reprimand him - but he's shattered he's not competing successful Tokyo, with contiguous marking the commencement of his 100kg part bouts.

"I person fto my woman and kid down... this nightmare is worse than I thought," Takagi said. "

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