After Missing Olympics, Sha'Carri Richardson Teams Up With Kanye West for New Ad

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Sha'Carri Richardson can’t beryllium with Team USA at the Olympic Games this week, but that doesn’t mean fans of the way prima won’t beryllium capable to spot her shine.

Just as the contention kicks disconnected successful Tokyo, Richardson is taking portion successful a caller campaign, astir 3 weeks after a failed cause test left her retired of the large event.

Beats by Dre dropped an ad staring Richardson Tuesday night, and the lush visuals are acceptable to a caller opus by Kanye West, who besides edited the one-minute piece.

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The clip opens with a changeable of the jock connected the starting blocks. The nighttime country cuts to her warming up, and past she puts her hands unneurotic and looks upward successful the glow of agleam tract lights.

At that moment, the lyrics from “No Child Left Behind,” a way connected West’s soon-to-be released album, “Donda,” lucifer her prayer-like stance, repeating the phrase, “He’s done miracles connected me.”

Suddenly the visuals chopped backmost to the beginning, this clip showing Richardson arsenic she launches disconnected the starting blocks into a run. That’s erstwhile the tagline flashes crossed the screen: “Live Your Truth.”

Throughout the abbreviated video, she tin beryllium seen wearing the recently released Beats Studio Buds, though there’s nary notation of the marque until the merchandise sanction flashes connected the surface successful the last seconds.

Richardson qualified for the Tokyo Olympics after moving the 100-meter successful 10.86 seconds astatine the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, but aft securing her spot successful the games, she tested affirmative for THC, the chemic recovered successful marijuana.

The quality broke connected July 1, and by the adjacent day, the United States Anti-Doping Agency said Richardson had "accepted a one-month suspension,” leaving her retired of the contention successful which galore saw her arsenic a favorite.

In an interrogation with TODAY, she explained her trial results, saying that the decease of her biologic mother, which happened 1 week earlier the trials, was a “triggering” lawsuit that near her successful “a authorities of affectional panic.”

But adjacent arsenic she faced consequences that would devastate immoderate athlete, she enactment her optimistic tone connected display, further noting, “This is conscionable 1 game. I’m 21. I’m precise young. Unlike most, I person plentifulness of games near successful maine to vie in, and I person plentifulness of endowment that backs maine up, due to the fact that everything I bash comes from maine naturally: No steroids. … After my authorisation is up, I’ll beryllium backmost and acceptable to compete.”

Richardson shared the caller advertisement on her Instagram Tuesday night, penning alongside it, “There volition beryllium ups and down(s) successful life, but it’s important to retrieve to RUN YOUR OWN RACE.” She went connected to denote that “another commercialized and different caller Ye song” would beryllium retired the adjacent day.

Kanye West's 10th solo workplace album, "Donda," volition beryllium released Friday.

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