A Manual for Press Release Pricing,Business Wire Pricing Beginning to end

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A Guide to Press Release Pricing, Business Wire Pricing from Start to Finish


Press Release Pricing is an essential tool for any business. They can be used to announce new products and services, introduce new executives, or even just raise awareness of your brand. But how much should you charge for a press release? What factors go into determining to price? And what exactly is Earned Media Value (EMV)? In this blog post, we'll answer all these questions so you can start charging more intelligently!

The many variables that come into play when determining press release pricing

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into determining your press release pricing. The number of words in the press release is just one variable. There are other factors you will want to consider:

  • How many images does it have?

  • What distribution channels do you plan on using for this particular piece? (i.e., which companies will be interested in reading it, and how many readers do they have?)

  • What target audiences should read it (and why)?

If these questions don't already make sense, let me explain them more clearly: The more information we have about our readers and their interests, the better job we'll be able to do when crafting our messages so they resonate with them on an emotional level—and therefore lead them toward actionable results such as sales or leads.

PRWeb Pricing

PRWeb is the most affordable option for small Business Wire Pricing and nonprofits. It offers excellent customer service, professional writers, and a high success rate. PRWeb also has a low cost per release compared to other options like Business Wire or Pulsenet—and it’s completely free if you reach your daily upload limit (which is 3).

PRWeb is best suited for small companies that want to get their name out there without spending too much money on marketing materials—or those who just don't have the budget to pay anything at all!

PRNewswire Pricing

PRNewswire is one of the most popular paid services in PR. The company offers several different packages, with prices ranging from $99 to $499 per release.

The cost of each package depends on how many releases you need to send out, as well as whether or not you need any special features (such as a personalized cover letter). It also depends on whether your publisher is located in the US or another country—if it's located overseas, then you pay more for shipping and handling fees than if they were based in North America. If your business has been around for less than five years and has less than 100 customers at this point in time (or if they're new), then they may offer discounts on their pricing structure; however, there aren't any currently available discounts that we've seen so far! In general though: do not expect special deals here!

Marketwired Pricing

Marketwire pricing is based on a variety of factors, but the most important one is your company's size. The smaller your company is and the closer you are to its customers, the more likely it will be worth paying for an upgrade in service.

Here’s how you can simplify this process:

  • If you have less than $100k in revenues per year, go with Marketwired Basic ($199/mo) or Standard ($299/mo). These packages give access to all of our tools and services at no additional cost beyond what they already offer their clients (which includes press release distribution).

  • If you have between $100k-$1M in annual revenue per year, consider upgrading from Basic or Standard to the Professional level at just $399 per month! This gives you access to Premium content creation tools such as live chat support via text message or email; social media posting options such as Facebook page management; daily reports that show how many clicks each piece has generated; analytics tracking data showing when posts were sent out during non-business hours so they don't miss any opportunities because they're sleeping instead.*

Business Wire Pricing

Business Wire, a paid wire service, charges $200 per month to distribute your PRNewswire Cost. This can be reduced by having promotional content included in the release and paying an additional fee if you want them to create custom landing pages or other marketing materials based on your press release. Business Wire also offers several “free plan” options that allow you to submit three business-related articles per month for free, but those are limited in what information they allow you to include in each article (no video or infographic).

The paid plans at Business Wire start at $5 per 1000 words (that's about 1 page) and go up from there depending on how many times your article generates views, clicks and downloads over time; however many of these plans offer discounted prices for volume purchases so it's worth considering whether this is something worth paying extra for once your content starts becoming popular enough for wider distribution via other platforms like LinkedIn Groups or Twitter posts!

Earned Media Value (EMV) Metric and press releases

The EMV metric is a way to measure the value of press releases. It’s based on how many times a press release is viewed, read or downloaded.

For example: If you send out 3 releases over 6 months and only 1 gets viewed once (the rest are deleted), then your EMV for that story would be 0%.

If on the other hand you sent out 10 releases in 6 months but none were viewed at all (or deleted), then your EMV for that story would be 100%.

Press Release pricing is based on a variety of factors and can be very confusing. Here's how you can simplify it.

PRNewswire Pricing

pricing is based on a variety of factors and can be very confusing. Here's how you can simplify it.

PRNewswire pricing is based on a variety of factors and can be very confusing. Here’s how you can simplify it:

  • The size of your publication, whether it’s a blog post or a full-length magazine article, will impact your price point. For example, if you have 50+ published articles with 500+ citations each month (a number that would put many publications in the top 10), then chances are that the publication needs an expert editor who understands media relations to help them get their content out there effectively; this could mean paying more than someone who has only published one article with no citations at all!


So, if you’re looking to get your press release into the hands of journalists or bloggers, here are some tips:

  • Don’t just send out the same Marketwired Pricing over and over again. Make sure that each time you submit your release and it gets approved, you make sure there is something new in it that hasn't already been said. If possible ask a friend or colleague who has experience writing for media outlets if they can review it before sending it out on its own.

  • Ensure that all information in your email includes a link where people can go online to see more about what they are reading.

  • If possible give yourself some extra time before sending out any releases so as not to stress yourself out too much trying to push through deadline after deadline without enough sleep or food!

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