A Beautiful Place to Spend Eternity: Cremated Individuals Can Rest in San Bernardino National Forest

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More radical are turning distant from accepted funerals, and since the pandemic began, determination has been a rising request for alternate burial options.

Now, a caller alternate to the cemetery mightiness beryllium spending eternity nether a histrion successful the San Bernardino National Forest.

"They're looking to take a beauteous place, to cognize that's wherever they volition walk their forever," said Sandy Gibson, co-founder and CEO of Better Place Forests.

The San Francisco based start-up institution has created a antithetic benignant of cemetery.

"They emotion the thought of cedar, they emotion the thought of the mountains," Gibson said. "They emotion conscionable the odor of being successful quality similar this."

Set successful the San Bernardino mountains, "Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead" is Southern California's archetypal conservation memorial forest, and conscionable the tenth successful the nation.

"'Better Place Forests' is the archetypal sustainable alternate to the accepted ceremonial and cemetery industry," Gibson explained.

Forest burials let radical who take cremation to reserve a protected tree, to instrumentality their ashes to the earth.

"They privation to take a spot they deliberation is beautiful, and often they emotion the thought of leaving a bequest of conservation," Gibson said.

According to their website, prices scope from astir $6,000 to much than $13,000, not including the cremation.

The founders, Gibson and Peter Jorris, accidental conserving ecosystems successful the authorities of California is important to preventing wildfires, and providing a resting spot for those who take cremation protects the section onshore and wildlife.

"We request to support everything that's inactive earthy successful the earthy environment," Jorris said.

And the burials are inactive a cautious and deliberate process.

"We region immoderate of the ungraded from beneath the tree," Gibson explained, and past "carefully abstracted it truthful we tin premix successful the ungraded with the ashes."

"Underneath each histrion determination is simply a memorial marker, and that memorial marker is simply a imperishable marker that indicates who chose that histrion and wherefore they chose that tree," Gibson said.

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