8-year-old testifies against TX transgender bill

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A measure restricting transgender student-athlete information has passed the Texas House and Senate and is present heading to Governor Greg Abbott.

Gov. Abbott is expected to motion the bill, which requires athletes to play connected sports teams that align with the genders listed connected their commencement certificates.

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Proponents accidental it volition support girls from having to vie with beardown and bigger athletes. But transgender athletes accidental it unfairly targets them.

Sunny Bryant said she's known who she is since she was four.

"I americium a girl," the 8-year-old said.

"This is not pretend. It's not a phase. It's real. There's a quality betwixt saying, 'I privation to beryllium a girl,' and 'I americium a girl,' and that was made precise wide by her," Sunny's mother, Bekah explained.

Sunny's household has been supportive, and astir of her young friends don't inquire much. They've ever played sports similar shot and gymnastics together.

But, erstwhile the Texas legislature began debating a measure that would marque it truthful that Sunny volition lone beryllium capable to play connected boys' sports teams, she and her parent went to Austin.

They some testified.

"It was benignant of affectional and I was truly nervous," Sunny explained.

"It's a solution successful hunt of a problem. We haven't had immoderate lawsuits successful the authorities of Texas. We haven't had immoderate cases. The colonisation of trans kids is truthful small," Bekah said. "That means she'd beryllium the lone miss successful the locker room, the lone miss connected the team. And she won't person that community."

"What is successful my bosom is that I deliberation I should beryllium capable to play sport, due to the fact that I'm a girl, too," Sunny said. "I deliberation they're conscionable frightened of america and they request much trans radical successful their life."

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