5 Guaranteed Techniques for Writing an SEO-Press Release Headline

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5 Proven Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Headline for your Press Release


Press releases are one of the most important tools for a business to market itself. They can be written in many different styles, but they need to be SEO friendly if you want them to be effective. In this post we’ll go over some tips on how to write an SEO-friendly headline for your video news release template so that readers can find it easily when they search online and bring more people into your company’s fold!

Use a Number

Use a number in your headlines, subheadlines and body text.

If you’re writing news releases or press releases for an enterprise company, this is especially important because numbers are used to describe products and services. For example:

  • “New Marketing System Helps Companies Reach More Customers” (Headline)
  • “Our New Website Will Help You Get Noticed” (Subheadline)
  • “We Have Over 100 Years of Experience in the Industry” (Body Text).

Find Out What Readers Want

The first step to writing a headline that will help you in ranking your music video press release is to find out what readers want. Before you start writing, ask yourself: What do people want? Do they want more information about your product or service? Are they looking for a solution to a problem?

If you can answer these questions and focus on those answers, then you’re on the right track. Once again, think like an editor — what kind of content would appeal most strongly (and least strongly) to different audiences? How do I create something that will be interesting enough for everyone but boring enough at the same time so that no one reads past page 1?

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Title

When you’re writing a headline, it’s important to use keywords that are relevant to the story. If you’re writing about a new health trend, make sure your headline includes some words associated with that trend (like “new” or “health”).

The same goes for using keywords that are relevant to the audience who will read your release: if they’re interested in fitness, use those terms in the headline — not just “fitness.”

This is important because Google understands what people search for and why they search for them; as such, if you’re using too many generic words like “news” or “release,” it can cause issues when someone searches on Google instead of Bing or Yahoo! This can also hurt your rankings because people will be less likely to click through from those results pages (whereas clicking on another result page would show up higher).

Incorporate Power Words

Power words are words that have the power to influence your readers into action. They’re also known as persuasion techniques, and they’re used by marketers who want to get their message across. These are some of the most important power words:

  • You could use “free” or “get” in your headline if you want someone’s attention immediately. This is especially true when writing press releases — you need to grab people’s attention right away! You might think this would be overkill, but these two phrases will help ensure that people read further into your release before moving on because they want more information about what it has to offer them (and how much time/money they’ll save). Also remember that using these kinds of phrases doesn’t mean you’ve lost any credibility as an authority figure; instead, it shows how much value there is behind whatever product or service being offered here . . . which makes perfect sense!

Stick with Your Brand Voice

One of the best ways to ensure your press release for music video is written in a way that aligns with your brand voice is to use it throughout. This includes use of the same tone, language and style in all content marketing pieces, including social media posts and email marketing campaigns.

In addition to keeping consistent messaging across all channels (which will help you stand out from competitors), using your own brand voice makes it easier for people who read or hear about your company’s work on other platforms (e.g., LinkedIn) to understand what they’re reading or hearing about when they want more information on their favorite topic areas — in this case, SEO services!

These tips will help you write an SEO-friendly headline for your next press release.

  • Use numbers in your headline

People love to read about things that are easy to understand, and if you’re going to write a headline for your press release, it’s important to make sure it’s easily digestible. That means using numbers instead of letters, abbreviations or punctuation marks.

  • Find out what readers want to read

To figure out what will resonate with people who will read your video news release techniques, ask them: “If I were a reader on the internet looking for information about [product], what would I look for?” This question can help you determine how much information needs to be included in each sentence and paragraph within each sentence of the text itself (as opposed as being buried within paragraphs). You’ll also want some kind of hook at the beginning — something that grabs attention while still remaining relevant throughout all parts of this document — so consider including something like: “If You Want To Know More About Our Company” or “How We Helped Them Grow Their Business.”


That’s it! You now have all the info you need to write a great headline for your next press release. Remember, the most important thing is to think about what your readers want, and then give them that. If you do these five simple steps, we guarantee it will help you write catchy headlines that are sure to get read by search engines like Google.

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