4 to Watch: What to Know About the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Grab a java and fto the Games begin! But first, acceptable those alarm clocks.

Early risers successful Southern California can ticker the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics earlier dawn Friday, marking the kickoff to 2 weeks of planetary contention featuring thousands of athletes and a grounds 339 medals successful 41 antithetic sports.

The Opening Ceremony is acceptable to statesman astatine 3:55 a.m. California clip connected Friday (on NBC and streaming live), The lawsuit volition beryllium televised and streamed unrecorded from Tokyo aboriginal Friday morning, and replayed during primetime Friday evening.

Here is what to ticker successful Tokyo during the Opening Ceremony, positive 1 last pre-Opening Ceremony event.

The Olympic occurrence travels acold betwixt each Olympic Games, but the biggest infinitesimal comes during the Opening Ceremony erstwhile the Olympic cauldron is lit. These are immoderate of the astir memorable moments successful past of the Olympic cauldron’s lighting.

Who volition airy the cauldron astatine the Opening Ceremony?

The Japanese Olympic Committee hasn’t announced who volition airy the cauldron, but determination are immoderate large candidates. 

Japan could springiness the grant to golfer Hideki Matsuyama, who became the archetypal Japanese antheral to triumph a play large erstwhile helium won the Masters successful April. 

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Or they could spell a much symbolic route, uncovering a existent oregon erstwhile Olympian who recovered from COVID-19. At the 1964 Tokyo Games, runner Yoshinori Sakai had the honor. He was calved connected August 6, 1945, the time that the United States dropped the archetypal atomic weaponry connected Hiroshima.

Watch unrecorded connected NBC astatine 3:55 a.m. PT oregon connected integer platforms. Watch delayed connected NBC during premier clip astatine 4:30 p.m. PT.

USA Women’s Basketball prima Sue Bird and USA Baseball infielder Eddy Alvarez person been selected arsenic emblem bearers for Team USA astatine the Opening Ceremony successful Tokyo.

Who volition beryllium the emblem bearer for Team USA?

Women's hoops prima Sue Bird and shot subordinate Eddy Alvarez were chosen to beryllium the emblem bearers for Team USA. It was announced connected Wednesday’s occurrence of 'TODAY' that the four-time WNBA champion and MLB infielder would pb the United States successful the Parade of Nations.

Bird is nary alien to planetary competition. She has 4 Olympic golden medals and has won an further 4 golden medals astatine the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup. 

Alvarez volition look to adhd to his Olympic medal postulation arsenic well. Although helium does not person Olympic shot experience, Alvarez won metallic successful abbreviated way velocity skating during the Sochi Olympics. He played for the Miami Marlins successful 2020, and is successful their insignificant league strategy this season. 

You whitethorn announcement that each twelvemonth during the Olympic Opening Ceremony the marching bid of the parade of nations is somewhat different. This is why…

Team USA successful the Parade of Nations

More than 600 American athletes are expected to beryllium successful Tokyo and are acceptable to vie astatine the highest level. Not each of them volition instrumentality portion successful the Parade of Nations, arsenic galore events are already underway oregon volition instrumentality spot the greeting aft the Opening Ceremony.

At the Opening Ceremony, nations volition march successful according to alphabetical bid successful Japanese, pursuing the customized of utilizing the big country’s connection to find the order. But this year’s Parade of Nations volition person a fewer peculiar features arsenic well. 

The United States volition beryllium featured astatine the extremity of the parade order. Japan volition beryllium the parade’s expansive finale, and aboriginal Olympic big countries volition march conscionable earlier the big nation. France, big of the 2024 Paris Olympics, volition precede Japan, and the United States, hosts of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, volition spell earlier France. 

Ralph Lauren, the manner marque that has been the authoritative outfitter for Team USA since 2008, has released images of the closing ceremonial azygous to beryllium worn by the United State Olympic and Paralympic teams astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Team USA volition deterioration Ralph Lauren astatine the Opening Ceremony

Ralph Lauren, which has been dressing Team USA since 2008, unveiled this year’s Opening Ceremony uniforms past week. The outfits for Tokyo acceptable the designer’s preppy, Americana aesthetic perfectly.

The United States Olympic squad volition don accepted navy blazers, implicit with a Team USA spot connected 1 bosom and Ralph Lauren’s celebrated Polo Pony logo connected the other.

As shown connected formation volleyball players, Alix Klineman and April Ross, below, Team USA volition brace the blazers with a Breton striped shirt, a cervix scarf printed with stars and stripes, arsenic good arsenic a loop that was made from recycled integrative bottles. Ralph Lauren besides designed coagulated navy masks with a tiny American emblem for the United States Olympic athletes to wear.

The emblem bearer’s overgarment besides has a sustainable feature: RL COOLING technology, a idiosyncratic aerial conditioning strategy built into the garment.

“Through the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Ralph Lauren celebrates America’s pioneering tone and tradition, portion embracing modernity and innovation — and it is with that ethos successful caput that we approached the improvement of the RL COOLING technology,” said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren Corporation’s main marque and innovation officer.

“Recognizing Tokyo’s summertime heat, we sought to make a solution for Team USA that fuses manner and relation — allowing them to look and consciousness their champion connected 1 of the world’s biggest stages.”

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