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Astronaut Karen Nyberg called out the Trump campaign for 'political propaganda' after it used images of her in new 'make space great again' ad, which has since been taken down

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  • A video President Donald Trump's presidential campaign called "make space great again" was removed from YouTube on Thursday. 
  • The video featured images from the historic NASA and SpaceX launch last week. 
  • Karen Nyberg, an astronaut and the wife of Doug Hurley, one of the two astronauts sent into space on Saturday, May 30, denounced the use of pictures of her and her son in the video and called it "political propaganda."
  • A campaign was also launched to have the video removed because it politicized the "accomplishments earned through many years of hard work by the NASA and SpaceX teams."
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Karen Nyberg, an astronaut and the wife of Doug Hurley, one of the two men sent into space last week as part of the historic NASA and SpaceX launch, called the use of images of her and her son that were apart of President Donald Trump's "make space great again" ad as "political propaganda."

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