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Photos inside an emergency room of a Yonkers hospital offers a glimpse into New York's coronavirus outbreak

yonkers er coronavirusJohn Minchillo/AP

  • Photos inside a Yonkers hospital emergency room offers a glimpse into the extent of the New York coronavirus outbreak.
  • Half of the approximately 280 staff members at Saint Joseph's Medical Center tested positive for coronavirus — with another 25 to 30 still awaiting results.
  • Officials at the hospital knew the pandemic was going to crush them, since COVID-19 has proved particularly punishing for the largely minority population that makes up a significant portion of southwest Yonkers.
  • "We have a volume of sick people like you can't believe," Dr. Anthony Leno told AP. "In one shift, I pronounced six people dead."
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YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) — A nurse furiously pushes down on a man's chest as five other caregivers in full protective gear surround the patient's bed.

Suddenly, one throws up his arms and steps backward.

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